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We at Huntington Culinary know the most important person is our customer. We strive, every day, to make all customer experiences with us, positive and satisfying. We never lose sight of our goal of developing an individually tailored program that "wows" our customers while remaining fiscally responsible. To address our customer's needs we carefully select employees who are friendly, well-trained, and customer-focused professionals. We empower our employees to make any decisions necessary.

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On Site Management

Huntington Culinary Began its Journey by providing Food Service Management and Support Services On Site. We continue to manage and service cafeterias for Residential Child Care Institutions, Senior Day Centers, Universities, Early Education Centers, as well as Corporate Cafeterias. Along with dining services, we provide a full array of catering services for our clients, including Board Functions, Fund Raisers, Banquets, BBQs, Special Events, and Meeting services.


Throughout the years, Huntington Culinary has expanded its services. We found that many customers were not looking for on-site management but needed direction. We have assisted many organizations by providing consulting services. 

This service involves creating a custom plan for every customer. We generate base cycle menus, standardized recipes, production records, shopping lists, weekly operations instructions/logs, training, hiring, and procurement support.

We have also assisted customers with menu compliance, NSLP, SBP, and CACFP Menu development, and Administrative Reviews.

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Adult Education Course

Comprehensive Training

We have a very qualified team of District Managers, Area Supervisors, and Executive Chefs who can train team members in every aspect of food service operations.

We also have Certified ServSafe instructors and Registered ServSafe Proctors who can provide training and exam proctoring for the ServSafe food handlers certificate and ServSafe Managers Certificate.

Menu Resources

We understand some customers may only be looking for new menu ideas and recipes. Huntington Culinary creates new menus every season for all the different programs we manage. This is why we also provide you with the opportunity to shop our menu cycles. It may be a Corporate Cafeteria, a Residential Childcare Institution, University, or an Early Education Center. You can purchase our menus or request information about how you can get a more custom menu. 

For more information, click the link below to visit our shop or contact us directly!

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